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A virtual-reality post COVID. Adapting for the future.

This is a very critical time. We are all experiencing the speed of technological innovation, yet we struggle to take advantage of it in today’s competitive marketplace. Increasingly, corporations are falling behind their customers’ needs, or worse, becoming obsolete.

The future of today’s organizations now rests with their senior technology leaders, who must embrace that urgency, overcome feats of learning through experimentation, and seize the opportunities new technologies offer.

At the CTO Forum, we encourage the highest level of technology and business leaders to network, explore topics of interest, share knowledge, and forge solutions that are critical to the industry — all within a trusted, non-commercial environment that only an independent non-profit organization can provide.

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The CTO Forum maintains over a decade’s worth of keynotes, panels, interviews, and Q&As from leading voices of innovation. As a courtesy to prospective members, we invite you to browse our preview library. 

Global internet traffic grew 40 million times in the 25 years leading up to 2017