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Basheer Janjua, Founding Chair and President

We believe innovation, not financial engineering, is the wellspring of competitive differentiation and industry leadership.

Basheer Janjua is the Founding Chair and President of CTO Forum, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing a deeper understanding of innovation challenges, digital disruption, business transformation, and leadership among senior technology leaders. The core mission of the CTO Forum since its founding is to provide a safe environment where Fortune 500 Senior Technology & Business Leaders can convene to discuss the most critical challenges as well as the exponential opportunities to provide US Businesses and organizations competitive advantage on the global stage. CTO Forum curriculum provides programs on Innovation Strategy, Enterprise Technology, Design Thinking, New Product Development, and Emerging Technologies in a close collaboration with top institutions including most Fortune 500 firms, Stanford Engineering & D-School, UC System, and Harvard Business School.

In 1999, he founded Integnology, a technology strategy & development consultancy, that worked with leading global brands to transform IT software development, delivery, and operations in organizations like Lockheed, NASA, HP, Cisco, Experian, Verizon, PayPal, Kaiser Permanente, and Apple. This allowed for teams of strategy consultants consisting of former CTOs, CIOs, and other senior technology leaders to transform the software engineering organizations of Apple, Cisco, Experian, HP, Intel, Kaiser-Permanente, Lockheed-Martin, PayPal, Schlumberger, Verizon, Walmart, and other Fortune 500 companies.

Janjua is also the Founder, Executive Chairman, and President of Calculi. In January 2018, Janjua established Calculi to create a revolutionary DevOps Automation Platform, GuideRails®, to enable large scale businesses to accelerate the successful adoption of modern software engineering techniques and technologies. Calculi brings web-scale software development capabilities to the business world with GuideRails®, a software delivery automation platform for the Cloud Age. 

Since 2012, he has served as an Advisory Board Member for DocuSign, and prior to that, completed a four-year term as an Advisory Board Member at the Lawrence Hall of Science at University of California, Berkeley. In addition to this, Janjua is a member of the Fortune CEO initiative, as well as a member of the World Economic Forum.

A patron of the Arts, Janjua served the Education Committee for the Board of San Francisco Ballet from 2012 to 2017 and has served as the Member of the Board of Governors for the San Francisco Symphony since January 2016.

With a lifelong commitment to learning, Janjua remains an ardent consumer of cross-industry research and publications. The challenges of strategic leadership, and of continuous organizational optimization and improvement are among the topics for which he has been passionately eloquent in sharing his vision. He holds a B.S. in General Engineering from San Jose State University, and the Advanced Management Program (AMP) Certificate from Harvard Business School. It is through these accomplishments that Janjua is a nationally recognized IT thought-leader and innovator.

With no commercial or profit-driven agenda, we are the only truly independent forum for knowledge sharing and collaboration among our industry's most senior leaders.


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