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RETHINK ENGINEERING – Breakthroughs in Design & Product Development – 2019

October 28, 2019


Breakthroughs in Design & Product Development
Advances in design thinking, user interface, user experience, and overall quality provides unprecedented opportunities to create and launch products that inspire consumers and establish new markets. Each year, billions of dollars are spent on product development. According to Accenture research, product development spending grew in 2017 to exceed $700 billion among the 2,000 largest global public companies. This is a trajectory expected to continue on a upward course, as it is based upon +10-year CAGR of 4.8-percent.
With the substantial sums of money and resources being invested in product development, why do so many products fail? Success rates of new product introductions and innovations have improved little over the last twenty years. Design thinking, user interface, user experience, and market insight are among what may differentiate successes from failures. Product designers need to understand how consumers use products versus how designers think they are used. Streams of real-time data can be turned into actionable information to continuously improve the product development process. With the emphasis shifting from back-end to front-end development, design thinking is playing a central role in leading innovation at successful organizations.
New product success is vital to the growth and longevity of the modern corporation. It is also crucial for the survival of organizations in today’s digital age. There is little doubt that smarter decisions are necessary in the design and development process. The Rethink Engineering program explores the latest breakthroughs and trends in the overall process of innovation, design thinking, product and platform development by presenting intricate details for the lifecycle of products within the distinct phases of development cycles. Additionally within this powerful curriculum, we are delighted to feature the latest on ‘Integration of Design into Enterprise Product Development’, ‘Reimagining Enterprise Innovation Infrastructure’ as well as an examination of how the most creative and successful Design Firms and Corporate Design Studios are delivering breakthrough products and consumer experiences.


Stanford University Dr. Erin MacDonald
Dr. Erin MacDonald
Assistant Professor & Faculty Director of the MS Design Impact Program, Stanford University d.School
Dr. Sean Follmer
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, Stanford University Design Program
Stanford University Dr. Mark Schar
Dr. Mark Schar
Senior Researcher & Lecturer, Stanford University d.school​
Michelle Jia
Lecturer, Stanford University d.School​
Dr. Harry West
Professor of Practice, Columbia University, & Principal, Invisible Design
Anthony Pannozzo
Chief Design Officer, frog design
NewDealDesign Gadi Amit
Gadi Amit
Principal Designer & President, NewDealDesign LLC
GE Healthcare Beverly May
Beverly May
Vice President of UX, GE Healthcare
IBM Design Adam Cutler
Adam Cutler
Distinguished Designer, IBM Design
SFS/COLLINS Karin Soukup
LKarin Soukup
Managing Partner, Brand Experience Design, San Francisco Symphony/ COLLINS
SFS/COLLINS Louis Mikolay
Louis Mikolay
Associate Creative Director, San Francisco Symphony/COLLINS COLLINS


6:15 PM PDT
Beverly May, Vice President of UX, GE Healthcare
Adam Cutler, Distinguished Designer, Artificial Intelligence Design, IBM Design
Karin Soukip, Managing Partner, Brand Experience Design, San Francisco Symphony/COLLINS
Louis Mikolay, Associate Creative Director, San Francisco Symphony/COLLINS
7:00 PM PDT
Summary Discussion and Q&A Including Combined Agency and Corporate Practitioners
7:30 PM PDT
San Francisco Symphony Performance
8:00 PM PDT
9:30 PM PDT
Program Adjourn

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