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RETHINK TECHNOLOGY – Transformation Beyond the Digital Frontier – 2019

March 28 and 29, 2019
Transforming IT Infrastructure and Software Delivery

Following the huge adoption of Consumer Internet, we are entering the age of Industrial Internet. According to a recent study by McKinsey, by 2025 with the adoption of Industrial Internet, digitization of industrial applications will account for 43 percent of the global economy, or approximately $43 trillion yearly. Also, the report suggests that the Internet of Things (IoT) could create $11.1 trillion on annual basis by 2025. These horizons present new waves of opportunity, growth and innovation, however, it all depends on our ability to streamline IT Infrastructure and Software Delivery.

With the recent evolution in Cloud, Social, Mobile and Open Source technologies the classic IT has been disrupted – the old Compute, Network, and Storage models and associated industries are seeing a sea change and fighting for their survival and relevance. Open Source revolution has enabled a host of infrastructure related technologies and commoditized hardware, big data analytics, and many of new platforms are providing new infrastructure for business and technology operations.

Additionally, Software Application development, upgrades, and maintenance form the heart of IT organizations. However, approximately 70 percent of all software development projects are either challenged or fail outright. In the majority of organizations, engineers tend to spend most of their time on activities other than developing code. Software release should be fast, reliable, repeatable and fully automated. Forward thinking companies are embracing Agile, CI/CD, DevOps, and next generation Cloud technologies to release their large projects with complicated codebase several times a day to gain new levels of efficiencies and business innovations.

These developments in IT Infrastructure and Software Delivery, demand new ways of thinking about the enterprise, information systems, work, and the new role of IT and Engineering organizations and their executives. The Rethink Technology program explores opportunities in all core areas of IT Infrastructure and Software Delivery preparing organizations for the age of Industrial Internet, a $100 trillion annual economy by 2025.

  • Eliminate legacy in all core areas of IT and communication systems
  • Strategize data center consolidation, migration and Cloud adoption
  • Replace antiquated development environments, technology and tools
  • Address legacy applications, data cleansing, and cyber security
  • Generate more value from data access and analytics
  • Tackle governance, logistics, workforce, and IT Modernization
  • Mastering new rules at the intersection of IT, business, and innovation
  • Identifying technologies to transform IT and modernize the enterprise
  • Evaluating business value of the disruptive technologies for enterprise adoption
  • Distinguishing innovative technology from ‘new marketing of same old technologies’
  • Differentiating incremental changes from complete transformation of IT
  • Transforming business using social media, mobile internet and cloud computing
  • Revitalization of corporate information and communication systems
  • Deployment of IT to better support research, innovation and business growth
  • Transformation of business processes through strategic adoption of IT
  • Modernization of engineering organization, capable of delivering breakthrough products with faster time to market with predictability and deliberation
  • Rejuvenation of engineering teams as a result of a better functioning organization
  • CIOs, IT CTOs, VPs of Development, VP of Software, and VPs of IT (all areas)
  • CTOs, VPs of Engineering, VPs Products, and Director R&D Labs
  • CISOs, CFOs, COOs, and Chief Architects & Strategy Officers


Brigadier General James H. Adams, III
United States Marine Corps
Brigadier Ian Langford, DSC & Bars
Director-General Future Land Warfare, Australian Army
John Chambers
Chairman Emeritus, Cisco Systems; Chief Executive Officer, JC2 Ventures
Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer, Ph.D.
The Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Mark Papermaster
Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Technology and Engineering, Advanced Micro Devices
Northwestern Mutual Chief Information Officer and Head of Digital Innovation Karl Gouverneur
Karl Gouverneur
Vice President of Digital Workplace, Corporate Solutions & Head of Digital Innovation, Northwestern Mutual
Andre Sublett
Vice President of Software Engineering, GE Healthcare
Jason Strle
EVP & Group CIO Payments, Virtual Solutions, Innovation and Community Banking,Wells Fargo & Company
Paul Chapman
Chief Information Officer, Box, Inc.
Pete Dulcamara
Technical Vice President & Chief Scientist, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Tim Oborne
Senior Managing Director, Enterprise Architecture, Charles Schwab Corporation
Kristina Draper
Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Wells Fargo & Companym
Hugo Haas
Vice President, Developer Plaform, WeWork
Claus Moldt
Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer, FICO
Amir Kazmi
Chief Information  Officer, WestRock Company
Dr. Evren Eryurek Director of Product Development, Streaming Analytics & Data Management Google, Inc.
Dr. Evren Eryurek, Ph.D.
Director of Product Development, Streaming Analytics, & Data Management, Google, Inc.
Paul Lehman
Chief Information Offcier, Optiv
Alan Boehme
Chief Technology & IT Innovation Officer, The Procter & Gamble Company
Eric Billingsley Chief Executive Officer, Calculi, Inc.
Eric Billingsley
Chief Technology Officer, Calculi, Inc.
Mahmoud ElAssir
Mahmoud El-Assir
Senior Vice President Platforms & Infrastructure, Verizon
Dr. David D. Cox, Ph.D.
Director, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, IBM Research
Dr. Joshua Bloom, Ph.D.
Vice President of Data and Analytics, GE Digital
Dr. Amir Khosrowshahi, Ph.D.
Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, AI, Intel Corporation
Rehan Jalil
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Security.ai
Gurdeep Kaur
Chief Information Security Officer, Public Service Enterprise Group
Michael Juma
Managing Director, Head of Global Credit Technology. Credit Suisse
Dr. Ibrahim Gokcen, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer, Schneider Electric
Phil Fasano
Global Chief Information Officer, American International Group (former)


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