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RETHINK TECHNOLOGY – Transforming IT Infrastructure and Software Delivery – 2016

February 11 and 12, 2016


Transforming IT Infrastructure and Software Delivery

Following the huge adoption of Consumer Internet, we are entering the age of Industrial Internet. According to a recent study by McKinsey, by 2025 with the adoption of Industrial Internet, digitization of industrial applications (software applications) will account for 43% of the global economy, or approximately $43 trillion yearly. Also, the report suggests that the Internet of Things (IoT) could create $11.1 trillion on annual basis by 2025. These horizons present new waves of opportunity, growth and innovation, however, it all depends on our ability to streamline IT Infrastructure and Software Delivery. 

With the recent evolution in Cloud, Social, Mobile and Open Source Technologies the classic IT has been disrupted – the old Compute, Network, and Storage models and associated industries are seeing a sea change and fighting for their survival and relevance. Open Source revolution has enabled a host of infrastructure related technologies: New Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Databases, Consumption Models, and most importantly Automation Standards throughout the Information Technology stack. Commoditized hardware, big data analytics, software-defined data centers (SDDC), software-defined networking (SDN) and host of new platforms are providing new infrastructure for business and technology operations.

Additionally, Software Application development, upgrades, and maintenance form the heart of IT organizations, typically claiming 50% of IT budgets, approximately $1.8 trillion annually. However, in most large-scale organizations 80% of Software projects are failing to deliver full value. In the majority of organizations, engineers tend to spend most of their time on activities other than developing code, such as waiting for tools, managing the environment, and dealing with release management inefficiencies with cycle times spanning weeks and months. Software release should be fast, reliable, repeatable and fully automated. Forward thinking companies are embracing Agile, CI/CD, DevOps, and next generation Cloud technologies to release their large projects with complicated codebase several times a day to gain new levels of efficiencies and business innovations.

These developments in IT Infrastructure and Software Delivery, demand new ways of thinking about the enterprise, information systems, work, and the new role of IT and Engineering organizations and their executives. The program will explore opportunities in all core areas of IT Infrastructure and Software Delivery preparing organizations for the age of Industrial Internet, a $100 trillion annual economy by 2025.


James Barrese
Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice President, Payment Services Business, PayPal
Cisco VP & CTO Bret Hartman
Bret Hartman
VP & CTO, Security Busienss Group, Cisco Systems
Jez Humble
Co-Author of the Jolt Award winning book “Continuous Delivery”
Walmart EVP & CTO, Jeremy King
Jeremy King
Chief Technology Officer, Walmart
Tyson Singer
VP Software Product Engineering, Gap Inc.
Jason Zander
CVP of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft
Dr. Warren McFarland, Ph.D.
TJ Dermot Dunphy Baker Foundation Professor of Business Administration – Emeritus, Harvard Business School
Beena Ammanath
Executive Director for Data and Analytics, General Electric
Dr. Ken Birman, Ph.D.
Professor of Computer Science, Cornell University
Stuart Blair
Director of Software Engineering, Gap Inc.
Sherry Chang
Chief Architect of DevOps & Continuous Delivery, Intel
Chip Childers
VP Technology, Cloud Foundry Foundation
Eli Collins
Chief Technologist, Cloudera
Greg Demichillie
Director of Cloud Platform, Google
Mahmoud El Assir
Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Verizon IT, Verizon
Dr. Richard Forno, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of Center for Cybersecurity, UMBC
David Freeman
Head of Anti-Abuse Engineering, LinkedIn
Andy Glover
Manager of Delivery Engineering, Netflix
Vitaly Gordon
Director of Data Science, Salesforce
Paul Lehman
CIO, Optiv
Mike McGarr
Manager of Build & Developer Tools, Netflix
Jeremy Ocampo
VP, Software Quality Engineering & Agile Management, NBCUniversal Technology
Tapabrata Pal
Director & Platform Engineering Fellow, Capital One
Alessandro Perilli
General Manager of Cloud Management, Red Hat
Avon Puri
VP of Enterprise Applications and Platforms, VMware
Richard Rushing
CISO, Motorola Mobility
Richard Seiersen
General Manager Cyber Security & Privacy, General Electric
Gib Sorebo
Chief Cybersecurity Technologist, Leidos
Chris Wright
VP & Chief Technologist, Red Hat
Radhika Venkatraman
CIO for Network & Technology, Verizon


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